4 Ways To Boost Resilience At Work

Promoting wellbeing at work is something so important, yet often overlooked. We spend the majority of our time in our place of work and often employees struggle to find a work-life balance.

The World Health Organisation has named stress the ‘health epidemic of the 21st century’. It’s time to take this matter seriously, many organisations have started to incorporate wellbeing programmes into their work plan. Something so simple can make such a difference. A happy and healthy employee produces better work, is more motivated and is genuinely happy at their job.

So, How Can We Boost Resilience at Work?

  1. Practice Mindfulness – Learning how to practice mindfulness can help to reduce stress, anxiety and help workers to maintain focus. Meditation mindfulness has become a popular way to relieve stress in the workplace for many individuals. This involves sitting comfortably, focusing on your breathing, and bringing your mind’s attention to the present without drifting into concerns about the past or future. Our meditation experience, Meditainment, helps participants to practice mindfulness and take home techniques that can be practiced daily.
  2. Compartmentalise Work Tasks – Too many tasks and responsibilities can only lead to stress. In order to boost resilience, it’s important to compartmentalise different types of tasks so they are broken down and made easier to complete. Although we can’t decrease the amount of information we receive, we can compartmentalise our cognitive tasks to optimize the way we process that information.
  3. Take Breaks – It’s impossible to stay at our most productive by sitting at a desk all day without taking breaks. Your surroundings can have an effect on your mental state day after day… after day. It’s important to fit in some breaks away from your desk. Try having lunch away from your desk, get outside and go for a walk every once in a while. This can help to decrease tiredness, improve focus, creativity and productivity.
  4. Respond Rather Than React – We often let stress come over us in the smallest situations. It’s not always possible to use your mental agility to respond first but it is something we can take more time to focus on. This does not mean we are ignoring our stress, but rather taking the time to observe the situation before reacting to it. Developing mental agility is the ability to pause, step back, reflect, shift perspectives, create options and choose wisely.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 40% of workers state that their job is very or extremely stressful. As many organisations move towards a mental health focused way of work, there are still many that are yet to make the change. Work-life balance and workplace wellbeing are such popular topics of conversation, but is your organisation yet to take the next step and truly make a change?

At Orangeworks, we offer a variety of Wellness experiences that help your team build positive practices around mental and physical health, to ensure happiness and peak performance. To help get your team working at their best get in touch to discuss some options.