4 Ways to Engage Your Attendees Pre-Event 


Do you have a remote team building event coming up? If so, don’t wait until the day before to start engaging with your attendees. As soon as your event invitations are sent out and your attendees have confirmed, you should start to engage with them. Building and holding on to pre-event hype is a huge part of the formula for a successful event… and also has a positive effect on post-event engagement.  

Here are some ways in which you can engage your attendee’s pre-event: 

1. Branded Campaign

Creating a branded, online campaign that spans a variety of platforms like your website and social media channels will help get your attendees excited for your next remote team event. This is also a great way to keep the hype going post-event. 

Top Tip: When posting anything about your upcoming event, be sure to use the same hashtag on all social media channels. Another idea is to add the event hashtag to all your account bios.

2. Social Media

Before you start your pre-event social media campaign, update your profile pages. Create fun headers and profile pictures that align with your event. If you have a large social media following, why not create a separate profile or page specifically for your event? 

Depending on your target audience, some platforms may be more effective than others. Typically, you are pretty well covered if you can promote on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. 

3. Sneak Peak

On the days (and weeks) leading up to your team event, post some sneak peeks to keep your attendees interested. Share more engaging content rather than just posting event details. 

When applicable, post some images of the catering or sneak previews of the venue. If you are hosting a virtual conference, post short bios of your guest speakers with a picture or better yet – ask them to write a blog piece or conduct a short interview. Create fun videos, memes and add gifs to create a lighthearted atmosphere. It goes without saying but imagery and videos are more engaging than plain text. Give your attendees a better sense of what your event is about. 

4. Post an article in your Company Newsletter

If you have a company newsletter, write a short article about your upcoming team event. Similar to creating posters, this will create excitement and chatter around the office. Attendees may ask you questions and that’s okay – the more information they know, the more they are inclined to attend. Include your event details, sneak peeks and some imagery. Remember – Imagery speaks louder than words! 

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