The new year should start with a successful kick-off meeting or event and we are here to show you how it’s done. A kick-off meeting is not only a great way to zone in on new goals for the coming years but to also celebrate your employees successes from the previous year.


Kick-off meetings have many benefits which emphaisize why they are absolutely necessary:

1. You can show appreciation for your staff for all of the hard work they have done

2. Kick-off’s encourage a positive atmosphere for the year to come

3. Your employees can learn about new company, department or team goals

4. Managers can demonstrate and show off their leadership skills

5. Expectations are set for employee roles & responsibilities

6. Kick-off meetings allow new team members to get to know one another


A Guide to Organising The Perfect Kick-Off Event


Organising a kick-off meeting or event can be a stressful task as you don’t want to mess it up. There may be a lot of pressure from higher management to get it right and you really don’t want to start the new year off on the wrong foot. Our guide and top things to focus on will get you through the planning stage and help you deliver a successful event that will get your corporates excited for the year ahead.



Choosing your event location is extremely important as the first question your colleagues will ask is “where will the event be held?”. Choose an offsite location (if feasible) as the change of scenery is a great way to introduce fresh, new beginnings – it may also spark some inspiration. Do remember to choose a location that is easy to get to, especially if a lot of colleagues travel to work via public transport.


Event Space 

Ensure that your event space fits with the requirements of the day and is suitable for the type of event you are hosting. Does the space have appropriate tables and chairs, AV facilities, catering, toilets etc?  Be sure to also think about the weather – is your event space weather permitting? Are you booking an outdoor event in the winter? – Hopefully not! Booking a space with access to an outdoor area may be a nice idea, as a breath of fresh air is good to keep your employees focused and engaged. If you need more help on booking an event space, check out our top tips! 



Let’s face it – food will make or break your kick-off event. Everyone loves food and there is a high chance it will get the most feedback and comments. If you get the food right, you’ve done your job! A variety of snacks and refreshments will keep everyone happy but be sure to include the vegetarians, vegans and gluten frees when making these all important decisions. Send an email or a poll around to your colleagues to gauge dietary requirements. Their responses will impact what food and maybe even what event space you choose. 



The best team activities and company events don’t just happen spontaneously – unfortunately. A lot of time, research and effort goes into organising! Team activities are a great way for your event attendees to relax and take a break from the serious stuff. Team building activities are a way to bring new ideas to life while getting everyone working collaboratively. Check out our escape room style activity called Red Alert, or why not try a creative challenge like Puppet Masters? 


Orangeworks offer a range of high-energy, fun and collaborative experiences that are perfect for any corporate kick-off meeting or event. Along with our vast portfolio of innovative team building activities, we have a range of icebreakers and energisers that are commonly booked for corporate meetings and events. Contact us via the button below to start your journey with Orangeworks.