We have just added two new fun team building activities to our portfolio. Drone Control & iBuild. Check them out below.

Drone Control

Drone control is a fun and inclusive team building activity that will develop your teams communication, collaboration and creativity. The aim of the game is to  carefully manoeuvre a drone through 8 ‘man-made’ obstacles. Teams must interpret and plan the execution of their choreographed moves, who goes where, when and who does what.

Choreographing and preforming new obstacles requires creative and agile thinking. The challenge requires individuals to continually adapt to changing roles and is the perfect metaphor for agile teamwork. This one is sure to get your team bonding!

Key Learning Outcomes: Creative Thinking | Strategic Planning | Resource & Time Management | Fun Experiential Learning


iBuild is a unifying team bonding game with strong outcomes focusing on the importance of language, feedback and creating a step by step project strategy. The objective of this innovative team building activity is to pass information throughout a communication chain of 3 groups (Architects, Couriers & Builders) in order to create an exact replica of a model, made of very simple materials.

The information must flow through the line from the Architect, passed to the Courier and then must reach the Builder. The rules of the game are designed specifically to emphasise the main principles of accurately conveying information.

Key Learning Outcomes: Communication Skills | Cross Functional Co-Operation | Time Management | Collaborative Problem Solving 

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