Celebrating Your Team’s Year With Animate

It’s important to take some time to look back at the year that has passed and review what worked well and what didn’t. Each year brings many accomplishments that should be celebrated, if you don’t, what’s motivating your people to do better in the new year?

Why not bring your team’s ideas, messages and achievements to life with stop-frame animation? Give your team the opportunity to tell their 2018 story through a short animation clip.

Animate uses stop-frame animation to tell your team’s story. This experience allows all teams animation clips to be linked together at the end to form one long clip that tells your company story. This is a spectacular experience to celebrate your team and to get everyone motivated for 2019.

This is a completely collaborative experience that promotes strong communication, effective planning and coordination. The versatility of this team activity means that it can represent any type of story. Animate is a great way to bring your business values, objectives and messages to life in a fun and unique way!

End the year with a memorable experience like Animate, ensuring your team celebrate their success and are prepared for a new year. If you want to take part in an experience to celebrate your team, get in touch to discuss some of our activities, we’ll help to create an event your people will remember forever.