Celebrating End Of Year Successes – Why It’s Important To Celebrate Your Team’s

As 2018 comes to an end we often begin to strategise for the next 12 months ahead. This annual tradition helps us gain focus for the new year and set plans for what’s ahead.

We know how important it is to celebrate your success as it reminds us why we should continue to strive towards goals. Many teams often forget to take a moment and appreciate all that they have achieved together, are you one of them?

We know how important it is as a team to focus on the future. Although, when we spend too much time thinking about what’s to come we often forget to appreciate all that we have already achieved. If your team know that each step of their hard work will lead to a celebration at the end, they will be much more motivated to get to the next achievement.

Small but consistent steps forward, shared by many people, can accumulate into excellent execution, progress events that often go unnoticed are critical to the overall performance of organisations.

Sometimes it takes all of your team coming together to do something that will mark all that you have achieved throughout the year. Big Picture is one of our creative team challenges that truly celebrates teams. This is a completely bespoke piece of art designed specifically for you! Prior to the event, we work with you to design your Big Picture which is made up of company logos, colours, slogans and branding.

Once complete, our team will put together your masterpiece for the big reveal! Your Big Picture can be displayed at your office to remind your team of all the things you have achieved together.

At Orangeworks, we want to help your people celebrate their successes, focus on future goals and achieve more – together. Get in touch to discuss some options, we can help create an experience that will work best for your team.