Center Parcs Space to Breathe Wellbeing Event: What We Learned, our Top Takeaways and Ideas for Your Workplace or Next Event

Center Parcs invited industry professionals to step into the fresh air of the forest on #BlueMonday for a well-deserved breather from the daily routine. We had a chance to experience the forest environment, receive expert advice on day-to-day wellbeing and enjoy some unique ‘Froga’ at Center Parcs Sherwood Forest.

Our Top Takeaways

Exercise plays a huge part in both physical and mental health. Although as an employer you can’t force your employees to live healthier lifestyles and wellness is essentially about self-care, there are many ways in which you can proactively impact and encourage positive steps towards this.

“But why should I?” I hear you cry…

Fitter, happier and healthier employees make for a happier and healthier workplace. You’ll see the ROI from your efforts through reduced stress, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and sickness plus boosted creativity, advocated @FITWITHFRANK.

It can also help forge strong bonds and relationships between your employees, fostering a more enjoyable company culture as well as higher team performance and synergy. Encouraging positive health and wellbeing in the workplace makes business sense, it’s that simple.

Alison Swift, author of “My Wellness Toolbox”, explained the power and value of music in being able to change your mood or energy state at any point in time as music is so emotive for individuals.

Center Parcs, of course, is blessed by nature and the great outdoors. Escaping from your office or the “traditional” conference facility can have a much greater impact and lasting effect on your delegates than you might think. As well as the more obvious benefits of increased creativity, reduced stress and ability to focus, studies have even suggested that spending time in nature — in forests, in particular — may stimulate the production of anti-cancer proteins. Boosts in the levels of these proteins that people get from being in the woods may last up to seven days after the trip.

If however, your team aren’t able to venture out of the city or make it over to a Center Parcs Venue, here are some ideas you can start building into your workplace today or at your next event.

Ideas for the Workplace

  • Encourage walking meetings and 1:1s around the block – not only does this give exposure to nature and fresh air and get some steps in, movement also stimulates the mind and as a result increases creativity and ideas explained Dan Elliott, Center Parcs National Sales Manager.
  • Bring the outdoors in through office plants and desk plants for your employees – proven to help reduce stress, increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and sickness plus boost creativity!
  • Provide an office fruit bowl – the cost of some apples you’ll reap back in increased productivity and fewer sick days.
  • Introduce music to the workplace and switch up the radio station you listen to every day.
  • Why not start a team challenge, be it a wall sit, squats, lunges or a dance party at 11 am every day where you crank up the music and get the body moving and mind stimulated.
  • Have monthly coffee mornings where the wider teams come together and chat about non-work related subjects – #itsgoodtotalk for mental health and wellbeing.

Ideas for Your Next Event

When it comes to your next company conference, think about the environment you are holding it in. Is it inspiring? Is it stimulating? Think about the agenda and content. Is it refreshing? Does it incorporate activities to positively impact your delegates wellbeing?

Here are some of our top ideas of experiences you can build into your next company conference or away day to ensure your staff are engaged, inspired and positively impacting their mental and physical wellbeing. 

Meditainment  Create a tranquil space for your delegates and ensure you start your conference with your delegates in the right headspace. This will help clear their minds and facilitate concentration as well as unleash creativity and productivity for the day ahead.

Tai Chi  Allow your staff to regain focus and de-stress during this calming and relaxing workshop. Empower your delegates with simple movements, tools and exercises which they can take back to the workplace and do at their desk.

BeatsWork  Drum up some fun and unite your delegates in a collaborative musical experience with the infectious rhythms of samba! Your delegates’ energy and motivation will be sky high following this musical ensemble.

Flat Out Formula One  Indoors or outdoors this adrenaline-fueled team building challenge requires efficiency and cooperation, rewarding delegates with a thrilling experience where both brains and brawn are required to succeed and named champions.