Best of British

Enjoy some traditional British games with your team and take a trip back to the olden days!


We have a wide range of Traditional British Outdoor Activities and Games.

What is Best of British?

Best of British a great outdoor team bonding exercise where delegates get to experience some of Britain’s culture and are guaranteed great fun.

Sample outdoor games include:

  • British Bulldog
  • Rugby
  • Hockey Dribble
  • Egg & Spoon
  • Relay Race

The perfect day out for your team to get involved and get active together!

How can it help your team?

Best of British promotes activity promotes teamwork, communication and fun! Great for both domestic and international guests, getting back to your roots or experiencing our culture for the first time.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Uniting teams
  • High energy
  • Communication skills
  • Encouraging teamwork
  • Shared experience

Does Best of British fit your team?

Best of British Event Details

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