Faced with several quick problem-solving challenges. Breakthrough is designed to highlight the essential aspects of teamwork that are often unnoticed.


Breakthrough explores team dynamics in a though-provoking way. Teams are faced with a series of challenges that highlight the importance of team work.

After starting off with an icebreaker, the group is separated into teams and set a task to work on. By reviewing resources that are available teams must set realistic goals and create a plan which enables them to achieve their goals within a set time frame.
Teams are given just enough time to complete tasks but they must operate efficiently as one. This pushes teams but also gives them a confidence boost after each success. They are encouraged to evaluate their performance in order to learn and improve for the next challenge they are set with.

Once all tasks are completed, the whole group is reunited for one final challenge – this could be competitive or collaborative.

This can be an ideal exercise for team profiling such as Belbin or Myers-Briggs. Interviews can unearth many more routes for improvement. Although the final results often speak for themselves.

This exercise effectively teaches the elaborate nuances that are in a successful team. In a short amount of time, participants learn how their individual styles may impact their team’s success.