Breakthrough is designed to highlight the essential aspects of teamwork that are often unnoticed.


Breakthrough explores team dynamics in a though-provoking way. Teams are faced with a series of challenges that highlight the importance of team work.

What is Breakthrough?

Teams are faced with a series of quick problem-solving challenges designed to shine a light on the subtle but crucial aspects of team work that too often go unnoticed.

After an introductory icebreaker, the group is assembled into teams which must quickly set to work on the task at hand. Evaluating the available resources, each team must set realistic goals and devise a plan to achieve them within the framework of the challenge. The allocated time for each challenge is just enough, meaning teams will have to operate efficiently as one. Teams are encouraged to review their performance and carry what they’ve learned forward to the next challenge. Once these demanding tasks have been completed, the entire group is reunited for the final challenge – which can be competitive or collaborative.

How can it help your team? 

Breakthrough can be the ideal platform for team profiling techniques such as Belbin or Myers-Briggs. An in-depth review can unearth useful avenues of improvement, though we often find that the final results speak for themselves. This exercise effectively teaches the intricate nuances that exist in a successful team. Delegates learn, in a relatively short space of time, how their individual styles may impact upon their team’s success. Breakthrough is professionally presented in a menu format that can be tailored to venue, delegate number and specific business issues such as teamwork development.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Resource identification 
  • Communication skills 
  • Problem solving 
  • High energy 
  • Project management 

Does Breakthrough fit your team?

Breakthrough Event details

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