Calling The Shots

Combining the aromas and tastes of the South of France and the Italian Riviera. Walking in a wine wonderland.


Why not treat your taste buds? This is an exotic experience which is sure to be an exciting, collaborative experience.

A mix of the South of France and Italian Riviera, or is that a hint of South America? Whether Bordeaux, Burgundy or Rioja, we will put your taste buds to the test.

Involving casual connoisseurs and committing carousers, they will be introduced to tasting and blending techniques. Our experts will reveal the language as they distinguish top on the range from budget wines.

Teams will be blindfolded and tasked with identifying the origin, grape variety, vintage and price band of the wine. Delegates are amazed by just how effective and powerful their senses can be.

They then move on to blending. Teams create their own blend using fine wines and present them using the new language they have learned. Team efforts are praised and winners are rewarded with a guide to wine. There will be a ‘Wine Master’ award which will be given to the most unique approach to wine appreciation.

This is a relaxing, rewarding and fun experience. Whether for an evening gathering or an icebreaker, it’s sure to leave a pleasant taste.