Chain Reaction Lifesize

Combining creativity, project management and teamwork skills to design a series of lifesize actions using recycled materials.


Testing team dynamics and human resources in the planning stage as the design must be divided into small sections. This requires both human and physical resources being divided into smaller groups.

The teams will face their ultimate challenge – does each component function and connect to the next one? For this to work teams will need distinct technical skills and project management strategies. Once everyone has completed their part, the first team sets off the chain reaction which triggers the next creation, and so on until a massive chain reaction has been completed throughout the room.

If you choose to add a competitive element, teams can be awarded points based on innovation and function.

A highlight video of your team’s Chain Reaction can be viewed with colleagues as a reminder of the enjoyment of the event.

This event is quickly becoming the ultimate teambuilding experience focusing on project management as teams’ design and build an intricate sequence of reactions.

The reactions lead to an exciting finale in which all are joined together to achieve a common goal.

Develop teamwork and project management whilst stimulating creativity in this challenging team experience.

Chain Reaction imitates a real-life plan as teams are under time constraints and have limited resources. By combining problem-solving, creativity and communication skills teams will have to work together to design a realistic scope.

Chain Reaction Lifesize Key Business Benefits