Chain Reaction TableTop

Create a number of simple machines which are finally joined together with other teams to become an elaborate chain reaction.


Provided with a number of random items, participants are often shocked at what can be made.

Looks of disbelief are often common when the event is explained initially. As they’re given a game board and a set of detailed game cards, teams must discuss amongst themselves and then share information and resources with other teams. They must develop a strategy to create the best series of machines.

Teams become more convinced about what they can achieve together with a common goal, they begin the planning and construction stages. Once each team has completed their part they are all joined together creating a long chain having a knock on effect. By testing several times, teams are given the chance to make any adjustments necessary to ensure the chain reaction runs successfully without any halt.

Once construction and testing stages are complete, the suspense build as everyone is together ready to trigger the chain reaction. They watch what they have worked towards unfold before their eyes.

Learning and development outcomes
Teams must understand the cards, tasks, assess available resources and make rough plans for construction. The adapt their plan and work together towards a common vision while developing a strategic plan. Teams must collaborate and share knowledge and resources for success. Teams must be persistent with an eye for detail, working towards excellence.

If you want something bigger and more challenging with a great wow factor – this is the perfect event!