Go Team Go Give Charity Treasurehunt

Combine some GPS-triggered team challenges with charitable giving, Go Give focuses on both fun and positive impacts.

B1G1 – businesses for good, is a worldwide network which funds over 700 carefully selected projects in 70 countries around the world that impact on the lives of underprivileged people. Before the treasure trail we will help you to select a B1G1 project for your team to donate to. We will assist you based on your desired learning outcomes to create a trail and series of challenges to suit your requirements.

Using an iPad and the Go Team app, your team will be able to view checkpoints to choose a B1G1 giving project. The Go Team follow arrow feature leads teams to their chosen checkpoint. Teams must work together to complete several GPS-triggered challenges. Each challenge successfully completed will generate a B1G1 giving impact. Updates and feedback are kept in real-time as teams complete the trail. Teams can also contribute to an overall project by completing on-demand challenges.

This type of Go Team can be completed at any location, it’s completely up to you! This is also an exciting team experience that can be delivered indoors at your conference bringing you energy and engagement! Go Give can be done with any number of teams, generating equal distances and routes for each challenge; avoiding crowding or enabling interaction between teams. The more teams the more power and impact, increasing the rewarding sense from this united giving experience.

See full list of optional Features here.  Your Go Team Guru will put together a package perfect for your group, budget and event duration.

“The treasure hunt was a huge success, and we got great feedback from the participants. Orangeworks staff were very helpful during the planning phase, and very open and friendly when we were onsite. Many thanks to everyone who helped us make the day such a success. “