Enhancing Communication

Mastering the Art of Effective Communication

Does Enhancing Communication fit your team?

Group Size

6 – 200


2 Hours 

Event Type

In Person




Indoor / Outdoor

What is Enhancing Communication?

Effective communication is crucial in the workplace and its importance cannot be overstated. It is the catalyst for team collaboration, employee engagement, increased productivity, customer satisfaction, leadership effectiveness and the list goes on!

Orangeworks Enhancing Communication workshop focuses on equipping participants with the skills and strategies necessary to communicate effectively with co-workers and management in a professional scenario. We will cover topics such as communication styles, active listening, non-verbal cues, over coming communication barriers and much more. 

Workshop Outline: 

  1. Icebreaker / Energiser to welcome the group 
  2. Interactive Session on Enhancing Communication 
  3. Team Building Activity 
  4. Team Assessment Tool – Reflection & Feedback

Our workshops can have various learning outcomes depending on the objectives and content covered. If you wish to include specific topics or subjects (for example communication via hybrid and remote workers), we can organise that for you. 


How can it help your team?

Key Learning Outcomes

Improved Active Listening Skills

Enhanced Verbal Communication

Increased Awareness of Non Verbal Communication

Effective Questioning Techniques

Effective Feedback Delivery