Delta 2 Bravo

Delta 2 Bravo is the ultimate outdoor war game that encourages teams to make decisions under pressure!


This fun multi-activity day combines high-energy physical challenges with quickfire logistical decision making.

Delta 2 Bravo is a military themed team game which is fun, competitive and active.
Navigating on foot and in 4×4 off-road vehicles teams need to find checkpoints and complete challenges to collect the ciphers.

These numbers are needed by teams when they get to the top of two elevated obstacle course challenges where the code is used to gain access to battle gear.

After a brief lunch the teams are moved to the Final Battle Zone, kitted out and briefed on the rules of engagement. It’s a combination airsoft battle and flag capture exercise which favours quick thinking and communication.

Guided by our Game Marshal the team will:

  • Evade other teams and perform basic reconnaissance.
  • Defend the group’s position using laser guns.
  • Plan and execute their Flag Capture.

We have a few surprises and additional challenges planned for the day to keep our adventurers on their toes.