The Elimination Game

The remote working Video Conference Game Show where you must give just one right answer to stay in the game.


Have you got what it takes to avoid being eliminated?

What is The Elimination Game? 

Join us for a fun, high energy game show experience that can be played from the comfort of your sitting room or remote working desk!

Before the game commences, our MC will explain the rules and take you through the gameplay. You will be tasked with general knowledge questions, multiple choice, photo and video challenges and some other secret surprises! Quick thinking and speed are your allies. If you are too slow or give the wrong answer, you are eliminated. Each round last 45 seconds or until the next person is eliminated.

For this remote learning activity, teams will need access to Zoom or similar and an internet connection.

How does it help your team? 

The Elimination Game is a fun, light-hearted game show that will help keep your people engaged and motivated.

All you need for this game is your enthusiasm, your thinking cap and a smile!

Key Learning Outcomes:

    • Encourages Team Innovation
    • Collaboration and Friendly Competition
    • Fun & Motivation
    • Improves Cross Functional Communication

Does The Elimination Game fit your team?

Need more information on The Elimination Game? Chat with us via the button below. Orangeworks offers a vast portfolio of virtual team building activities and games for remote teams. We also offer a range of conference call icebreakers and energisers. Get in touch with us today to find out more.