Escape the Maze

Can your team Escape the Maze?


This tablet based escape game challenges teams to escape the maze!

In Escape the Maze, team use tablets to navigate their way out of a virtual maze displayed on the tablet screen. Participants must work their way through a number of sectors of virtual checkpoints.

Escape the Maze detailsEach sector is set up in a different way designed to stretch the teams, challenge them to think, and act to solve puzzles and conundrums to reveal further checkpoints that, bit by bit, let them progress to the exit and escape. The teams will always progress whether they solve the challenge or not, however, they will be deducted points for getting answers wrong.

The exception is at the exit point of each sector where the teams will need to share their part of the exit code in order for any of them to progress to the next sector. The finale sees all teams coming together to crack a final code and escape the maze.

Escape the Maze Key business Benefits