Can your team build and launch a rocket? A combination of strategic planning, problem solving and decision making whilst under pressure.


A unique activity which involves problem-solving, role-play, imagination, creativity, innovation and engineering. Turn your team into a bunch of astronauts who are the first to ever reach Mars. Although, as you land you’re in serious need of help – but there’s no one around.

You’ve just noticed your space shuttle is damaged badly, quickly you will need to fix your shuttle and give it enough power to get back to the space station.

Working with real rocket motor engines – teams must change from space helmets to hard hats and lab coats to ensure that the shuttle reaches its destination. Precision and skill is needed as you must be careful not to cause much damage as you must be able to make a safe landing.

Oxygen is running low and the pressure is on, teams must be conscious of time, budgeting, risk management and communication along the way.

Teams must be able to quickly assess the situation and identify individual strengths of team members to come up with a solution and get home safely. A heart-pounding event which relies on imagination and co-operation to work effectively.

Once they return safely to Earth, they will be ready to face any challenge.