Flat Out: On the Buses

Teams build, decorate and race their very own large bus. Flat Out on the Buses combines project management, communication, time management and creativity.


Provided with detailed instructions teams must work together in managing time and resources to turn their flat-pack into a giant bus.

As teams gather a clear understanding of the result, they realise they must retain excellent project management skills to complete their bus on time with limited resources. They must separate the overall project into steps which will then be delegated and communicated effectively whilst utilising individual’s skills.

Once teams have their buses together they can decorate them with advertisements. These ads can be aligned with brand messages or a conference theme. The best decorated bus can be awarded a prize.

The finale of this event involves teams stepping inside their buses and races against each other to the next bus stop. Flat Out on the Buses ensures a high level of fun, laughter and good friendly competition.

Collaboration and time management skills are highlighted during this event. By dividing the project into time effective sub-tasks, delegation and strategic planning are introduced. Overall, everyone in the group plays an important role and works towards a common goal.

Teams realise that the seemingly impossible becomes possible when individuals aspire to a common goal, incorporating cooperation and collaboration.

Corporate Social Responsibility ideas
On the Buses can be adjusted to incorporate a corporate social responsibility aspect. Teams can place bets on the race or, take it to the next level and prior to the event seek “sponsorship” for the advertisements on buses with the money going to your selected charity.