Flat Out Rickshaw Racing

Teams construct a cardboard rickshaw and test them out in the Rickshaw Derby race.


There’s nothing quite like a rickshaw race to bring a team closer together. Although, to take part in the race teams must first construct their very own rickshaw. This event test teams’ limits. They will be expected to show collaborative team work, strategy and planning skills and effective time management to build their rickshaw and enter it in the race.

Provided with detailed plans and necessary equipment, it’s up to individuals to pull together and work effectively as a team. They will be bringing two “clients” through the busy streets in their newly constructed rickshaws.

Teams are permitted to make on-the-fly alterations to their rickshaw to guarantee that their strategic planning doesn’t stray from the norm. As you will expect your “clients” to travel in style, teams are given time to decorate their vehicle to make it look its very best and stand out from the others.

As part of the finale, teams will partake in a timed Rickshaw Derby through an obstacle course. By the end of this event, successful teams will have displayed the ability to meet deadlines, work under pressure, develop contingency plans and leave clients feeling satisfied.