Go Team London Taxi

Explore London and its most popular attractions in our taxi treasure hunt!


Each team gets in their own ‘black cab’ with a London taxi driver. Start and finish points can be any location of your choice. Teams are briefed and armed with iPads to start their challenge.

Go Team London Taxi Treasure Hunt is a fun and interactive trail based in London city. They will need to search some well-known areas for clues, take interactive group photos and answer some quiz questions. Teams all know each others’ locations and the further the checkpoint the more points they score. The challenge lies in figuring out how other teams will plan and execute their strategy, and trying to pick the less visited spots! However, regardless of their strategy, all teams get to see the city’s highlights and have a great day out together!

See the full list of optional Features here. Your Go Team Guru will put together the perfect treasure trail for your group, budget and event duration.

The teams are tasked with solving clues and navigating their way around the chosen route. For each destination reached teams will gain points, challenge completed and photograph taken! This is an exciting type of treasure trail, something a little different from what’s usually expected!

Benefits: This challenge is not physically challenging and is suitable for all levels of fitness. The event can start at your office, hotel or venue and end up wherever you like!

“The treasure hunt was great fun and such a laugh! Everyone really enjoyed themselves exploring London and we would definitely give you guys a shout again in the future.”