Go Team Thames Challenge

Experience our treasure trail from a different spot – on the water! Our Go Team Thames Challenge is not your everyday treasure trail!


Visit London’s famous river landmarks like Tower Bridge, London Eye, London Bridge City, Bankside, Blackfriars and more. This Go Team takes a unique twist by being in boats rather than on foot.

Armed with their iPads, teams set off on the water to compete against each other and reach as many checkpoints as possible. Both water and land challenges can be incorporated to create an exciting treasure trail for your team to take part in.

As you float past the most popular sights London has to offer along the Thames, such as The London Eye and Tower Bridge, this is not your usual treasure hunt. Teams all know each others’ locations and the further the checkpoint the more points they score. The challenge lies in figuring out how other teams will plan and execute their strategy, and trying to pick the less visited spots! However, regardless of their strategy, all teams get to see the city’s highlights and have a great day out together!

See the full list of optional Features here. Your Go Team Guru will put together the perfect treasure trail for your group, budget and event duration.

“Our team who participated in the Go Team! event had lots of fun and it was a wonderful team building exercise. Had such positive feedback from all, thank you!”