Horses for Causes

Your team will build their own horse and take part in a race in this lively entertaining experience.


Horses for Causes is a fun mix if collaboration and competition, but also offers a charitable element allowing your team to contribute to their local community.

Beginning, all teams are provided with a flat pack rocking horse kit designed specifically for this event. It’s then up to delegates to work together in their teams to co-ordinate several pop up components. Once the 3D equestrian creations mirror the blueprint your team is ready to go and race!

The floor is cleared and lanes set and the betting phase begins. Teams compete in several high-stake races. Jockeys change into their race outfits and new odds are set. The sounds of whipping and strong wrist action are set to win each race, participants must be tactical when placing bets to determine the winning team!
This is an adrenaline fuelled event filled with ecstatic cheers from spectators. Win or lose, everyone has a great experience as a united group.

Corporate Social Responsibility ideas
If your team would like to give back we can auction off rocking horses to the highest bidder, the best way to raise money for a charity of your choice.