Joint Venture 4×4

Construct an almost life-sized 4×4. A unique and fun activity highlighting the importance of teamwork, communication and brand awareness.


Teams are against the clock whilst they build, clad and decal a 4×4. Roles are switched, quality audits and strength tests executed. Everybody has a great time and is fully energised during this event.

It’s up to individuals to take ownership of their responsibilities, as the jeep can’t be finished until everyone has done their bit.

Joint Venture 4×4 is like a pit stop of team building execution which comes together in segments but moves as one unit – both the construction and the group.

Activities involving construction always bring out the best in groups. As they work closely together to delegate roles, communicate clearly, partake in project management and time management. Project management plays is a huge factor involved in constructing this 4×4. It involves construction, assembly, creative design and time management too.

Joint Venture 4x4 Key business Benefits