Making The News

Creating front-page news can assist your team in understanding the importance of conference values in just a couple of hours.


Introduce your team to the fast-paced world of newspaper publishing for an experience that’s hot off the press.

Teams must create the front page of a newspaper reporting on their day’s events during their conference. Sounds simple, but this task involves everyone working together for it to run smoothly.

Just like professionals, the big storied must be identified, leads must be followed, and they must find the vital information that will break them wide open.

Reporters must be sent into the streets to gather interviewees and capture the perfect photograph based on supplied criteria. Creativity starts to show as teams also must name their newspaper, design an advertisement, create a business forecast and a cartoon.

Making The News is the perfect way to allow delegates to show their understanding of conference messages as well as provide a platform to express views, opinions and suggestions relating to the organisation.

Team’s front-page will be printed large-scale and displayed to the whole group. These can be used as valuable feedback mechanisms, illustrating how key messages have been received and interpreted.

Making the News Key Business Benefits