Mexican Railway

Representing the power of one team, one goal. Teamwork is not only necessary for success, it’s also great fun!


This is the perfect icebreaker translating cooperative thinking into a creative breakout session.

By working together, teams construct a railway system to compete against each other teams. Mexican Railway tests time management, ingenuity and communication.

Teams must complete the railway using basic materials, such as zip ties and paper rods. Section by section is built by each team to come together as one railway.

After some quick time for practice, teams then race their trains along the railway by synchronising their movements. This means that individuals work in unison while trying to beat the competition. This event introduces quick thinking, communication and team working skills.

Mexican Railway is based on fun and is a vitalising experience that has as much value as enjoyment. Get everyone together for a fun day at the tracks!

Mexican Railway Key Business Benefits