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Open Body – Open Mind

The experience will help to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and also target the areas of your body most affected by sitting at your desk for long periods.

Girl doing yoga pose during Open Body Open Mind - a wellness team bonding activity by Orangeworks.

Stretch out aches, release tension, improve your energy flow, breathe and reset without moving from your seat. No yoga mat or yoga clothing is needed for this practical and invigorating chair yoga session.


What is Open Body – Open Mind

Open Body – Open Mind is an introduction to the practice of chair/desk yoga. The practice is designed to help ease aches and pains and help restore balance and routine to everyone’s day. The group will be led through gentle guided meditation and breathing practices which will help calm the nervous system, reduce stress levels and create a sense of openness before stretching the main areas of the body (hip flexors, lower back, neck and shoulder muscles) which are affected by sitting at a desk for long periods of time. The Yoga Facilitators will discuss the importance of finding movement and mindfulness in your day and share practical techniques to deal with stress and feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed.

How does it help your team?

This experience allows delegates to fully switch off from their daily tasks and focus on themselves. Turning inward, it gives participants space and time to think, to breathe and to be present in their bodies and minds. It brings a sense of well-being to everyone – even the most anti-yoga people leave these sessions feeling relaxed, calm and focused! It highlights the importance of looking after themselves and gives practical tips to include in their daily routine which helps performance, creativity and productivity in the workplace.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Mindfulness and Awareness
  • Relaxation and Focus
  • Self-Motivation and Energy
  • Stress Reduction

Does Open Body – Open Mind fit your team? 

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