Outbreak – Escape the Virus!

Can your team decipher the codes to create a vaccine and save the world?


Teams open a series of boxes, decrypt codes and uncover the correct DNA samples to place in the analyser in a quest to create a vaccine against a synthetic virus that threatens the world.

Teams watch an intriguing video and learn that a few months ago a synthetic virus that destroys people’s ability to communicate and collaborate was discovered.

Outbreak Escape the Virus detailsThe video unfolds the story of a team of international scientists who, while developing a vaccine against the virus, have become infected.

As a result, they are unable to cooperate and have encrypted, locked up and hidden their findings.

Teams are challenged to discover the vaccine and save the world! In this quest, they must open the boxes, decrypt the codes and bring the proper DNA samples to the analyser. To open the first box and start their quest the video instructs them to consult the laboratory’s website.

They must work quickly. In the room, a screen displays a live image of the virus under a high-powered microscope. Can they discover the vaccine before the synthetic virus mutates and the virus spreads?


Outbreak Escape the Virus Key Business Benefits