Push It!

A high energy, interactive, tablet based challenge which can also be used to deliver key business messages.


This is an engaging event that encourages maximum involvement. Teams are given two iPads which are paired to ensure collaboration when making decisions.

What is Push It!? 

Push It! has an engaging, user-friendly interface which encourages maximum involvement. Each team receives two tablets which are wirelessly paired to ensure that participants collaborate in each decision. 

We consult with you to determine the focus, theme and challenge level of your activity. Trials include skill tests, physical challenges and brainteasers which are customised to achieve your desired outcome, for example reinforcing product knowledge or generating playful interaction. Our MC is much more than a quizmaster, he creates the right atmosphere and, assisted by his team of ‘Push It! Professors’, ensures that everybody feels comfortable and included. Your dynamic host controls the rhythm of the activity, managing everything wirelessly. A simple push of his button and the next challenge appears simultaneously on every tablet.

How can it help your team? 

Push It! is a totally immersive, high-tech, table top team building exercise that works equally well as a daytime conference energiser or evening entertainment. Push It! can be customised to reinforce product knowledge, brand awareness or your uniquely desired learning outcomes. It motivates and enthuses delegates as it unifies the group creating a lasting shared experience.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Energising a conference 
  • High energy 
  • Unifies the group 
  • Breaks the ice 
  • Shared experience

Does Push It! fit your team?

Push It! Event Details

Contact us via the below to find more information about Push It. Orangeworks also offers a vast portfolio of outdoor team building activities, group icebreakers, team development exercises & more! Don’t forget we also offer an extensive range of virtual team meeting games and fun activities for remote employees. Check them out!