Push It!

A high energy, interactive, tablet based challenge which can also be used to deliver key business messages.


This is an engaging event that encourages maximum involvement. Teams are given two iPads which are paired to ensure collaboration when making decisions.

Our highly adaptable, fully personalised and well-scripted activities will unite your group.

Push Them Softly or Push Them to the Limit?

We will work with you to confirm your focus, theme and challenge level of your event. Challenges involved in Push It! include skill tests, physical tasks and some brainteasers. These are all customised to achieve your desired outcome.

More than a quizmaster, our MC creates the right atmosphere and alongside our team will make sure everyone feels comfortable and included. The rhythm of the event will be controlled by the host. With the click of a button, each challenge will appear simultaneously on each tablet.

This experience works well during a daytime conference or as evening entertainment.

Push It! can be customised to your desired outcomes. This is an energiser and motivator guaranteed to unify your group and create a lasting experience.

Push It Key Business Benefits