Rat Trap

Each element of your plan must be perfect to create a knock on effect to other teams pieces, who are also working towards the same goal.


Under restricted time teams must communicate effectively with one another to work towards the integration of each part, leading to a spectacular finale.

Visualise the atmosphere as your team enters a giant adults’ toyshop full of Meccano! Teams main objective is to build several contraptions, which when placed together create a chain reaction of events where each device triggers the next one.

When teams line each piece up correctly the final piece is able to be triggered and the one tonne weight drops down to catch that rat!

Collaboration between teams to achieve a common goal is necessary when taking part in Rat Trap.

Teams are not led by instructions; they must use their own initiative to work out what goes where and in what order. The end result of Rat Trap is a true representation of their endeavours resourcefulness and communication. The trick is for teams to be conscious of the bigger picture – as each structure relies on one another.

Finally, what started off as a room full of pieces, never fails to inspire groups, showing them what they are capable of when teamwork is involved.

Rat Trap Key Business Benefits

“Just wanted to extend my thanks on behalf of the team – we had a great afternoon’s activity with lots of fun and laughter and I have had some great emails and messages this morning. A fantastic afternoon with lots of teamwork achieved!!!”