Body Rap Remote

Short, sharp, funny and funky gloved group rhythm for invigorating and energising your next virtual conference or meeting.


A group rhythm remote team activity with a colourful twist.

What is Body Rap Remote? 

Body Rap Remote is a high energy online team building game that will get your team smiling and having fun together. Participants are introduced to the activity and embark on a series of body sound exercises guided by our charismatic conductor. Once practised and warmed up, delegates put on their colourful gloves. The conductor leads them into stomping, body slapping and vocalising in unison creating  a colourful and uplifting musical spectacular. This aural and visual video conference fiesta will have everyone smiling and laughing.

How does it help your team? 

Quick, quirky, and incredibly effective. Body Rap is an off-the-wall video conference musical pick-me-up guaranteed to liven up the most challenging audience. It will inject life and vigour into your remote meeting ensuring participants are ready once again to focus on business messages. Body Rap uses the power of humour, rhythm and shared experience to energise and unify teams with positive memorable results.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Breaks The Ice
  • Unifies A Group
  • Shared Experience
  • High Energy

Does Body Rap Remote fit your team?

Chat with us via the button below if you would like more information on Body Rap Remote. Orangeworks offers a vast portfolio of virtual team building activities and games for remote teams. We also offer a range of conference call icebreakers and energisers. Get in touch with us today to find out more.