Peak Performance

An interactive business game for remote teams that enhances leadership skills & team engagement through experiential learning.


Teams must aim to guide their clients up Mount Everest and safely back down to base camp.

What is Virtual Peak Performance?

In this team building activity for remote workers, you will take on an 18 – day expedition to the top of Mount Everest. Several factors play a part in the expedition and delegates must look out for client fitness levels, weather, best routes to take, acclimatisation, oxygen use, tent pitching and strategies to compete against other teams and win.

Key information will be delivered to the delegates tablets each day of the expedition. It’s a race to make some intelligent and swift decisions. Space is limited in height zones and procrastination will lead teams to being stuck in less ideal paths or being unable to move. Clients will increase your team’s points as they move higher up the mountain peak but if they don’t have sufficient supplies, they risk illnesses.

How does it help your team?

Peak Performance is an experiential learning tool with elements that will challenge your team. Perfect for remote teams, Virtual Peak Performance gives participants the opportunity to learn through an engaging theme with tactile components and fun, relevant links to their business environment. Following the experience, participants use reflective observations to identify what occurred during the exercise.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Communication Skills
  • Strategy & Decision Making
  • Risk Management
  • Planning vs Action
  • Agile & Flexible Thinking

Does Virtual Peak Performance fit your team?

“Oddie – you were brilliant! Your energy and enthusiasm was superb! I particularly liked the hunt for the winter woollies….. a fun exercise which is so easy to include!” – BI Worldwide

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