Sole Responsibility

Recycling flip-flop pollution, and turning it into art!


Craft new connections to your company values while you make a difference recycling flip-flop pollution into art, cleans our oceans, and changes lives.

Each team is presented with a variety of colourful flip-flop blanks, craft materials, and mobile construction paraphernalia. Their challenge is turning these basic resources into a moving, and cohesive work of art.

Sole Responsibility Details TileWith a limited time frame, teams have to decide on a clear vision, maintain constant lines of communication, and re-evaluate their aspirations in line with their deadline.

Teams either work to specific themes or collaborate to form one giant kinetic sculpture. Their challenge is to creatively interpret this theme by balancing a visual statement with shape, colour, fluidity and spatial relationships.

As the activity concludes, teams celebrate each other’s creations and decorate their environment with a lasting statement of team purpose. Sole Responsibility presents an ethical platform to bond teams and connects with company culture, while contributing to positive societal, and environmental causes.

Sole Responsibility key business benefits