Combining several cerebral based Survivor challenges including HEX, Gimbal, Temple & Cubes.


You better put your thinking caps on! This is a testing experience, built by the same person that design challenges for the Survivor TV show.

Teamwork is a necessary requirement for teams to progress through challenges and make it to the end. The time is ticking, the better they work together, the greater the result!

There are 10 pieces of this hexagonal puzzle – each a different colour code. You must work as a team to decide what way they should be placed to form a circular pattern. Starting off with just section 1, 2 & 3 teams are shown how to create the design by our team. We then break it up again, adding in section 4 and get you to replicate what you’ve just seen. The more sections that are added the harder it gets!

Testing your communication skills along with your teams’ nerves. The ball must be manoeuvred from start point to finish using the pulley system with limited time. Seems easy, but this must be done by your team whilst blindfolded. The rest of your team must use verbal commands to help direct team mates through the maze.

This requires some thinking outside the box. You must rebuild the temple in another location with several catches along the way. Your team must think this through or else risk wasting time which is precious!

Shapes must fit altogether to make one giant cube. Your team must figure out the correct combination to beat the clock!

Additional Information: These are cerebral based challenges, only a basic level of fitness is required.

Benefits: These are excellent team building activities as they require clear planning and communication within the group to complete the tasks.

Survivor Key Business Benefits

“Staff on the day are always great fun, very professional and helpful when needed. Thank you very much, we loved working together to tackle Survivor challenges!”