The playful selfie game where silliness is for winners!

SwipeFace enteries

The perfect antidote to Zoom fatigue! 

What is SwipeFace? 

SwipeFace is the perfect antidote to Zoom fatigue. Challenge up to 400 people to see who will win this funny, photo-based online game for remote employees. Guided by the SwipeFace App, players are challenged to pull poses like ‘Tiger Roar’ and ‘Balloon Face’ with just 30 seconds to take the perfect shot. After every round, players score each other’s photos using Tinder-style swiping with the best posers revealed at the end of the game. When the game is finished, the winner is announced and all players will have access to a gallery of entries as an easily shareable souvenir.

How does it help your team? 

With SwipeFace you can relax, let your hair down and risk being silly. Everyone participates on their own terms but is encouraged to step out of their comfort zone. Some players, of course, need no encouragement and dive right in. SwipeFace is a light-hearted, shared experience sure to lift spirits and bring a sense of togetherness to a remote working team.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Unifies the Group 
  • Shared Experience 
  • Building Team Spirit
  • Creating Memories

Does SwipeFace fit your team?

Contact us via the button below for more information on SwipeFace or any of our other fun activities for remote teams. Orangeworks offer a wide range of virtual meeting icebreakers and team building activities. Despite geographical limitations, we can help you create a sense of togetherness for your remote team.