Tai Chi

Relieve everyday stress whilst remaining focused on what’s important during Tai Chi.


Tai Chi aims to improve focus and concentration while helping to de-stress your team.

Master the ability to stay focused on what matters most whilst remaining calm and relaxed in Orangeworks Tai Chi workshop. Tai Chi details tile

This Chinese martial art has been practised for its defence training and wellbeing benefits for hundreds of years.

The movements and thoughts involved in this experience were developed to allow the practitioner to move through life achieving goals with minimum conflict.

Once achieved, this led to strong healthy people with a relaxed, still state of mind.

In order to succeed in the modern workplace, one must positively interrelate with co-workers as well as with themselves. This experience allows you to work closely with team members to achieve a healthier and happier work environment.

This session introduces cooperative working; each participant has an important part to play in the success of the group as a greater whole. Concepts of softness, listening and non-conflicting action, (action using the energy of a partner/group as opposed to the individual), are introduced and their applicability into everyday situations explored.