Team Tonic

An introduction to the world of Gin – the perfect pre-dinner discussion


Team Tonic is a relaxed and sociable event, perfect for pre-dinner entertainment.

Why not finish off your conference with some stimulating conversation, light-hearted competition and refreshing G&T’s?

Teams are provided with a rule guide and a box of botanicals. Boasting and ribbing are greatly encouraged as the end game is to be the first group to identify the aroma profiles of some worldwide brands.

Teams are given smelling strips and will identify samples in their kits. This can seem quite simple and often turns into an entertaining discussion. It’s up to your team to come together and agree which brand is which.

After a number of tastings and sample strips your team must make their first guesses. Answers are compared and discussed, let the majority vote take you to the final round.

Final answers are given and teams converse and boast as results are tallied. Hard work is rewarded with another round of drinks as teams reflect on their new knowledge of gin!

PLEASE NOTE: Companies that do not wish to serve alcohol can also partake in this event.

Team Tonic Key Business Benfeits