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The Brain Break

The Brain Break is an introductory session to Yoga and Mindfulness.

Girl doing yoga during The Brain Break - a wellness team building activity by Orangeworks.

Take a break from the desk to breathe, reset and gain a deeper understanding of your mind. Learn how to harness your power and control over its narrative with practical daily tips for Mindfulness.

What is The Brain Break

This short session is designed to eradicate fear or intimidation from the word ‘meditation’ and break down the layers of what being mindful truly is. To begin, your group will be led through gentle guided meditation and breathing practices which will help calm the nervous system, reduce stress levels and create a sense of openness. The Yoga facilitator will discuss practical techniques to deal with stress, anxiety and how to include more mindfulness into daily routines. This session completes with a short demo of ‘Wake Up with Yoga’ whereby we will demonstrate 5 yoga poses to help the body energise and reset each morning.

How does it help your team?

This introductory session to meditation and yoga will help your team reset, re-focus and open their minds to endless possibilities within themselves and their own creativity. They will learn practical coping strategies to deal with stress and feelings of anxiety and being overwhelmed while also looking after their bodies as they stretch out tension, stiffness and blockages.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Mindfulness and Awareness
  • Relaxation and Focus
  • Self-Motivation and Energy
  • Stress Reduction

Does The Brain Break fit your team? 

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