Thunder Races Grand Prix

Lights, Power, Ignition! Start your engines!!!!


Provided with materials, teams are tasked with building their very own Racing Pedal Kart. 

What is Thunder Races? 

Thunder Races is a high energy team building activity filled with excitement and friendly competition. Your team will be given materials necessary to build your very own Racing Pedal Kart. All team members must help to assemble all the parts of this victorious vehicle, in order to qualify for the starting line. Working against the clock, you must assemble and design your pedal kart. 

After building your kart, each team must nominate a driver to start the race, or multiple drivers for a relay race around the track. 

The checkered flag will drop, the smell of burning rubber will be in the air. The best built kart will surely win the race? This is an exciting team experience from start to finish. Points will be awarded for styling of karts, race ability, and of course for the first one over the finish line.

How can Thunder Races help your team? 

Thunder Races is a fun, energetic and challenging team building event that encourages teamwork and communication. It is a competitive race from start to finish that inspires creativity and motivation! Everyone’s uniques skills and talents will shine through as there are multiple different tasks to complete. 

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Group cohesion
  • High energy
  • Team motivation
  • Shared experience
  • Communication skills

Does Thunder Races fit your team?

Thunder Races event details

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