Toy Factory

Build some toys with your team to give back to a charity of your choice, combining CSR with your fun team event.


Your team is tasked with creating toys for disadvantaged children functioning together as a production line against a deadline.

Toy Factory is perfect for a conference breakout session or a fun corporate event. This is a rewarding experience that encourage community spirit.

Provided with a bag full of wooden toy parts, teams must work off detailed blueprints combining components to create several high-quality toys.

Teams are required to work together to produce toys in a limited amount of time, combining everyone’s skills. Planning is extremely important during this challenge to ensure success. Teams delegate tasks and create a flow to establish the production line. Toys will pass a quality check and can be decorated however they wish. Company colours or brand association can also be incorporated if wished.

As the final part of the activity, teams must create some educational games using the newly designed toys. A fun finale involves teams demonstrating their games and toys created.

Toy Factory Key Business Benefits