Uke Can Do It

Take part in a musical sensation that’s sweeping the world – the ukulele is back and this time it’s cooler and more fun than ever.


Bring people together, release stress and let them create some Hawaiian-style magic in less than an hour.

What is Uke Can Do It? 

Tutored by 2 charismatic Ukulele masters participants learn chords, tricks and routines and will soon be mastering well-known tunes from classical, rock ‘n’ roll and punk. The climax of the experience is a rendition of a Hawaiian song complete with chants, dancing and traditional floral leis.

After experiencing this high-energy and rewarding group icebreaker experience, the participants will have proved that they ‘can do it’ and will be hooked on the happiest instrument in the world.

How can it help your team? 

Uke Can Do It is cost-effective, flexible and very easy to position within your conference schedule. It’s a fantastic tool to kick-start a meeting or raise energy levels after a break. An energiser, icebreaker and teambuilding session all in one. As an option, delegates can take away their very own specially branded Ukulele.

Key Learning Outcomes: 

  • Unifies the group
  • Creates a positive attitude 
  • Shared experience
  • High energy
  • Breaks the ice

Does Uke Can Do It fit your team?

Use Can Do It event details

If you would like more information on Uke Can Do It, you can ask us anything via the button below. Orangeworks offers a full range of music-themed team icebreakers as well as remote team building activities and virtual meeting icebreakers. Check them out here.