We Can Do

Boost your teams’ energy by introducing some Karate to your conference, meeting or workplace.


This introduction to Karate will improve well-being whilst encouraging assertiveness and self-confidence. We Can Do aims to improve focus and concentration.

Our facilitator will teach your group kihon, this is the basic techniques of Karate, mastering one’s mindset and attitude.

Your group begins with some breathing exercises to get the mind and body in sync. To help with individuals’ flexibility and to release stress, everyone takes part in some stretches. These are all useful movements that delegates can include in their working lives.

After stretching, delegates learn some basic stances and hand movements. These kihon moves promote physical agility and the importance of keeping one’s focus. The group is truly unified during this peaceful performance.

In order to bring everyone’s heart rate down, the exercise finishes with some brief meditation. This ensures your team leaves feeling refreshed and ready for any challenges that may lay ahead.

We Can Do Key Business Benefits