A fun remote icebreaker for reconnecting with familiar faces and making new connections with newer colleagues.

John Delaney presenting WeConnect - a remote team building activity by Orangeworks.

Individuals race to discover commonalities between themselves and others during a video conference call session

What is WeConnect

WeConnect is a fun way to discover how we all connect with each other at home, at work and at play. Who amongst us dreams of climbing Mount Everest and who dreams of writing a bestselling novel? Who is inspired by Albert Einstein and who is inspired by Amelia Earhart? Who is a Queen on the dance floor and who is a King in the kitchen?

WeConnect consists of a series of multiple-choice questions which will be answered and discussed within your group. This activity is an excellent way to create new connections or to re-engage with existing colleagues.

How does it help your team?

Our remote version of this light-hearted activity breaks the ice and helps to accelerate relationship building in your team.

Strong relationships are very important with the current situation we are in, and a highly connected workforce is an asset to any organisation. WeConnect is an effective tool for your team to discover commonalities and connect on a new level.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Networking Skills
  • Improves Team Dynamics
  • Fun and Motivational
  • Encourages Cross-Functional Communications

Does WeConnect fit your team? 

WeConnect Details

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