What Matters To Your Future Employees? An Effective Onboarding Experience


Acquiring new talent is never easy, so making an impression that attracts the very best graduates is critical. But getting that impression wrong can end your efforts before you have begun. You need to provide an Onboarding Experience that strikes all the right notes.

Research shows that onboarding is amongst the most important aspects a prospective new hire considers when deciding where to begin their career. So, devising an effective onboarding experience that not only informs but engages and encourages is really important.

The Stats Agree

  • According to a 2013 CandE survey, almost 50% of prospective employees at some of the world’s leading corporations use company brochures and other materials to work out whether they are a good cultural fit.
  • A report from US HR consultants, The Wynhurst Group, revealed that 22% of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment, while 86% of new hires decide whether to quit a new job or not within the first 6 months.
  • Perhaps most revealing of all are figures from the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey, which states 71% of working Millennials planning to leave their job in the next two years believe their leadership skills are not being fully developed.
  • Teambuilding helps nurture the most critical leadership traits of leaders are nurtured, so spotting and encourage recent grads’ leadership potential is key too.

What An Effective Onboarding Experience Needs

The Onboarding Experience should be viewed as a team-building exercise; one that treats new employees as people, helping them build relationships, develop their skills and begin fruitful careers with you.  A successful onboarding programme will:

  • Cultivate Leadership Skills – to maximize their potential contributions
  • Promote Open Communication – to underline the value of input and opinion
  • Use Mentors – to provide insightful hands-on guidance
  • Group New Hires into Teams – to develop a sense of teamwork
  • Bring Groups Together Frequently – to re-affirm your corporate focus

Investing in your employee’s first days increases the chances of long-term engagement, leading to higher growth and profit for your organization.

To explore Onboarding Experiences that can engage the sharpest graduate minds, get in touch with us.