Go Team Go Give: Under the Spotlight

Corporate Social Responsibility is everywhere lately, and your team want to join in and make a difference. Equally, you want something that will be fun and memorable, not your typical CSR programme. After all, it’s up to you to create an amazing experience that your team won’t forget!

Combining interactive treasure hunt fun and the joy of giving through B1G1, Go Team Go Give is the ultimate CSR event! B1G1, businesses for good, is a worldwide network which gives impacts to carefully selected projects around the globe.

How it works

Teams are given a tablet with the Go Team app which helps them locate checkpoints and select B1G1 giving projects. The Go Team ‘follow arrow’ guides teams to their chosen checkpoint where they will need to work together to successfully complete a series of GPS-triggered challenges. For each challenge successfully completed an impact is given to your selected project. Challenges include questions, cryptic clues, photographic and timed tasks.

Prior to the event we assist you in selecting B1G1 projects for your team to give to. Based on your desired learning outcomes, we develop a trail and series of challenges to suit your group.

Go Team Go Give promotes employee engagement, giving back, strategic thinking and time management. Go Team Go Give can be built for any location of your choice – your business park, local town or venue!

Have fun and make memories with your team while impacting lives around the planet. Get in touch to discuss Go Team some more with a member of our team or click the link below to view all of Buy1 Give1’s impacts.