3 Steps to Ensure your Kick-off Event is a Success

You want to get your team and their year off to a great start. You need to excite and inspire your people.

If you can’t deliver something amazing, you risk facing a bored an unimpressed group. This is your chance to set the tone for the rest of the year.

How to Ensure your Kick-off Event is a Success

  1. Lead up to the Event

A successful sales kick-off starts well before the meeting, with planning, training and coaching”. The key to a successful kick-off event is in the planning. In order to ensure your team are organised for the year ahead, you too must be organised when delivering your big kick-off.

If you have any new products, services or initiatives, your kick-off event is the perfect time to announce it. “There’s no better time to get people excited about it and share the details about what the transition will entail”.

  1. On the Day

When beginning a new year, it’s important to evaluate what worked and what didn’t work in the previous year. By refreshing your team on the previous year, you are able to set the tone for what’s expected of them in the near future.

It’s important to clearly set strategies for what’s ahead. Start of year meetings allow you to establish realistic expectations and goals with your team. Kick-off events “help ensure smooth communication and help minimize any misunderstandings during the engagement”.

  1. Following up with your Team

Your people are always looking to improve their skill set, kick-off events plant the initial seed but it’s important to follow up again afterwards. It is key to sustain what was mentioned during your kick-off and offer employee training on any unfamiliar areas. This is both the employee and the employer’s responsibility to follow up on potential training.

Although kick-off events are organised to prepare for the work year ahead, organisations often forget to include an aspect that will help keep attendees engaged. By including an energiser you can ensure that your event will help to boost employee morale and kick-start a productive year!

We deliver fun and engaging team experiences that work perfectly at any time during your meeting or event. Get in touch to discuss some energisers that will work best for your group.