Meditainment: Under the Spotlight

You know how important employee wellbeing is and you want to do your best to make your staff feel happy and appreciated at work.

Wellbeing programmes are a great way to help your people boost resilience at work and ultimately, they leave people feeling more content at their job.

With mindfulness being a popular topic at the moment, our Meditainment experience is the perfect wellbeing team experience. This 20-minute interactive audio-visual relaxation experience makes use of multi-sensory meditation techniques to de-clutter your delegates’ minds.

How it works

Participants are guided by on-screen imagery coupled with a relaxing voice. Delegates choose the meditation experience they desire using glowing, multicoloured wands. With multiple combinations to choose from, each group meditation can be specifically tailored to suit the tastes of your audience.

Delegates reach ‘the zone’ – a period of optimum relaxation – about halfway through the meditation session. In this state, each individual’s mind is put totally at ease and readied for the day ahead.

This experience helps to relieve stress, regain focus and improve individual productivity. Meditainment helps delegates become aware of what is occurring in the present moment whilst setting future worries aside.

In today’s workforce, wellness programmes are still being underestimated. Studies now show that more than 40% of all workers face high stress in their jobs, negatively affecting their productivity, health, and family stability.

Is well-being something your organisation should be paying more attention to? Orangeworks offer a variety of Wellness Programmes that help your team to build positive practices around both mental and physical health. If you want to organise a wellbeing event, get in touch and ask us anything, we will help put together an event that best suits your team.