How Musical Team Building Can Help Boost Team Performance

We all know that music can have some mysterious effects on an individual’s mood. But the power of music is not limited to individuals; teams can benefit too. But while ‘listening’ can be so enjoyable, crafting music offers so much more, motivating, inspiring and energising both individuals and teams.

In fact, research shows that the components of music, from the lyrics to the tempo, can acutely affect performance by changing a person’s mindset or distracting them from discomfort. It also encourages communication, heightens problem-solving and enhances moods.

Creating music together as a team is now becoming a more heavily integrated part of work-life balance as many companies look to bolster morale and encourage creative thinking.

How Music Works Its Magic

  1. Relaxation & Mindfulness – Listening to music can help you to relax, relieve stress and lower anxiety, negative traits well-known to hinder creativity and productivity. Music, therefore, can be a key component in establishing a more innovative, productive working environment.
  2. Inspires Creativity – Whilst listening to music, our minds tend to wander. But rather than acting as a distractive influence, it actually allows us to think more creatively and to formulate new ideas.
  3. Immersion – Having music playing allows individuals to immerse themselves in their work without any distractions. Listening to music can increase our focus and get them ‘in the zone’.

Music sets the tone of any environment, so why shouldn’t this be the same in the workplace?

Research shows those who listen to music complete their tasks more quickly and have better ideas overall than those who don’t.

At Orangeworks, we are strong believers that music boosts team performance. That’s why we offer a vast profile of Music & Rhythm experiences that help to get your team working in sync.

If you’re looking to improve your workspace or increase your productivity, get in touch to discuss our Musical Team Building Experiences.