October: An Introduction to Music Month with Orangeworks

There are many studies that state music as an important factor in boosting productivity. Something you may not know is that not only does music increase productivity, but it also brings teams closer together, leaving them feeling and working together in sync.

There are very few things more beautiful than a team working together in perfect harmony. But, the beauty comes from its rarity and everyday hitches can easily get in the way of your team’s productivity.

Whether at the office or at home, studies show that music can affect mood and emotions – as well as productivity. That’s why at Orangeworks, we’re celebrating music throughout the month of October! We will be sharing some top insights around music and team building, our favourite Music & Rhythm experiences along with a musical case study.

Check out our Music & Rhythm video for a taste of what’s to come throughout October!

If you’re interested in a music-based team building experience, why not contact us to get started? Tell us what you need, we create the experience and you be the hero.