Orchestrate!: Under the Spotlight

You know how truly powerful and emotional musical experiences are. These are the experiences which demonstrate that through teamwork, the impossible is achievable.

Get your team in sync with Orchestrate! – a sensational experience that will transform and unite your people like never before.

Emotionally and creatively tune your people in, whilst they work toward a common goal in this unforgettable music experience.

How it works

Delegates choose the instrument they wish like to play – strings, woodwind, brass or percussion. They then take part in workshops to learn the basics of their instrument under the guidance of our expert musicians.

Once proficient, the group come together again as one orchestra to perform under the baton of the conductor. The effect is outstanding and leaves delegates shocked at what they can achieve together! This is the ultimate finale as participants witness what they are capable of as a team.

Orchestrate! Will stretch your people to their full potential, reaching new heights! This experience inspires and challenges. It stretches participants to their full potential and beyond their perceived limitations. It demands hard work, total concentration, focus and real teamwork.

They say that music has the power to move people. Orchestrate! Will move your team so that they can achieve anything, together. Get in touch to discuss any of our Music & Rhythm Experiences.